$100 iPhone? More Industry Experts Confirm Apple Plans For The 4 Inch iPhone 6 Mini This Year

As last year passes and the new year starts, we've seen plenty of changes when it comes to Apple's products. The most drastic of these was perhaps the Cupertino manufacturer choosing to increase screen size on the iPhone, with the debut of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus last year. But pretty soon we began to hear word about Apple having a change of heart about larger screens and choosing to re-introduce the 4 inch iPhone next year.

First it was Japanese sources that claimed Apple would be launching the 4-inch iPhone next year with Touch ID on board, and later we saw industry experts make similar claims. Well, it seems like more experts believe that Cupertino will indeed be choosing to launch the 4 inch iPhone 6 mini next year.

iphone-5s-home-button-mockup-3-1280x960Investment Firm Claims Apple Has 'Soft Corner' For The 4 Inch iPhone.

Sources claim that investment firm Zacks Equity Research claims to have some information about Cuptertino's plans to bring the 4 inch iPhone back this year. A latest report by the firm claims that Apple harbors a soft spot for the 4 inch iPhone and the company will be launching the device this year, dubbed as the iPhone 6 Mini. Apple's expectations about the device are also positive, with the company expecting to sell 10 million units of the device according to the report.

In addition to this, alongside the smaller screen size, looks like Apple is looking to target the lower price segment of the market again with the 4 inch iPhone. Not only will the device feature a smaller screen, but it will also have a much lower price ($100 iPhone anyone?) when compared to the existing iPhone 6 variants. With a lower price and a smaller screen size, Apple can expect to more efficiently capture the market. While its too early to say anything, launching a well equipped device with a low price and screen size might just be the right move for Apple to make. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated and let us know what you think in the comments section.


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