How To Quickly Increase Storage On iPhone and iPad

iOS devices are wonderful things, but like all mobile gadgets, their incredible array of features come at a hefty price. Aside from the fact that products like the iPhone and iPad cost a lot to purchase, it's quite easy to run through a full battery charge in a few hours under heavy use, and since Apple is generally against the idea of expandable storage, even the maximum 128GB configuration can quickly dissipate. But aside from keeping a close eye on which apps are using a lot of data and handling them accordingly, there's one particularly handy trick that could generate gigabytes of free space in a matter of seconds. Here, we guide you through this little-known trick.

It's never nice, particularly at a time when storage is so cheap, to run out at any moment in time, but since we use our mobile devices day in, day out, having to continually keep on top of things can become painstaking. While deleting apps and music may be of use, it's a common misconception that this is the only solution to hand, and if you're beginning to feel as though you're always battling against those low storage warnings, here's a tip that you might not yet have rolled with.

How To Quickly Increase Storage On iPhone and iPad

Please note: This process does involve the removal of website data, and if you do not wish to lose such information permanently, then you'll probably not want to press ahead with this guide.

It goes without saying that you should also, as always, take a backup of your data beforehand.

Step 1:

On your iOS device, open up the Settings app.

Step 2:

Next, go to Safari > Advanced > Website Data

Step 3:

Here, you'll be met with a concise, listed view of your website data. It will also tell you which are hoarding your storage space.

Step 4:

You can delete one-by-one, or, if you prefer, scroll down to the bottom and locate the Remove All Website Data option to do away with everything.

If you are a regular Safari user, you may not have realised how much website data was accumulating on your device. We ran through these steps on an old iPad, and managed to recover a very respectable 1.7GB of storage that can now be used for photos, music and generally more-important stuff.

Results may vary for individual users, and if you're not a massive fan of Safari, then you're probably not going to have much joy here. But we sincerely hope that this tutorial does give you a little bit more space to work with, and that you can stock up on plenty of great new content, documents, photos and music as a result.

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