How To Increase Galaxy S6, Note 5 Fingerprint Sensor Speed Instantly


Your Galaxy S6, Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ fingerprint sensor feeling slow? Here's how you can instantly give it a massive speed boost.


As you keep on using your device, certain aspects of the hardware and software can start to really show their age, with performance issues rising up in places where you least expect them to be. Case in point, if you're in the ownership of a Samsung Galaxy device which happens to have a fingerprint sensor baked right into its home button, then we're certain that your device might feel a little clumsy when it comes to matching a fingerprint, especially if you happen to have multiple impressions stored on the device. If that's the case, then there's a simple way how you can fix the entire issue quickly and easy.

Increase Galaxy S6, Note 5 Fingerprint Sensor Speed Instantly

See, when there are multiple fingerprints stored on the device, for example one for your thumb and one for your index finger, the fingerprint sensor will take its time to determine which one's which, and ultimately unlock your device. This means that more than one fingerprint will slow down your device. But luckily, thanks to one Reddit user, you can actually fix all the performance related issues by simply adding just one fingerprint profile, but by mixing and matching other fingers' prints while registering the impression on your device.

It's pretty simple. The fingerprint sensor slows down as you add more fingerprints (4 max). Delete all your current fingerprints, and set it up to add only one. Then, for that one fingerprint, put 40% of each thumb, then 10% of each tip. That's it! It should work way faster now.

While this method will increase the overall performance of your device in the fingerprint department, but do keep in mind that route will slightly make fingerprint unlocking a little less secure. If you're absolutely fine with that in exchange for a little speed, then go ahead and try out this method.

It would've been great if Samsung revised the fingerprint sensor hardware on its latest Galaxy devices to be far more responsive, just like how Apple has with Touch ID on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Furthermore, the software can easily be tweaked in such a way that fingerprints are matched in a more efficient manner, delivering enhanced performance to the user. Until that happens, you have the above mentioned workaround to speed things up a little.