A Samsung Galaxy S8 In An Orange Case? Check; Take A Look!


Will Samsung just launch the Galaxy S8? Not that we're complaining, since it gives us something new to post everyday. Everyday a new leak surfaces on the device, sometimes adding new details and sometimes corroborating earlier leaks. Today, there's an image of the device in an orange case for you to enjoy. Take a look below!

Samsung's Galaxy S8 Appears In Yet Another Image Leak Showing Device With An Orange Case

There's literally no detail that's unavailable for the Galaxy S8 so far. The smartphone will mark massive upgrades over its predecessor. Samsung will redesign the S8's front and shift the home button on its back. The device will also feature the latest 10nm processor from Qualcomm and the Korean manufacturer. Both the Snapdragon 835 and the Exynos 9810 will power the Galaxy S8, depending on region as usual.

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You won't get a flat screen variant either, as Samsung will launch two screen sizes of the smartphone, both featuring its trademark edged screen. Looking to get an S8 or S8 Plus later this year and pack the device in an orange screen? Well, today's image will provide a good start for your decision. Keep in mind that the S8 will cost you around $850, so start saving up as well.

All the details which have surfaced on the Galaxy S8 in the rumor mill so far are present on the image. There's that iris scanner on the front, a button free front, a rear home button and a vertical flash/sensor arrangement. However, one critical detail remains absent today as well. There's no appearance of a dual camera, so looks like Samsung won't follow Apple's suit this year and launch the Galaxy S8 with the setup. As leaks related to the device have intensified, mention of the feature has dropped to zero. So, you can say goodbye to hopes of a dual camera setup for Samsung's 2017 flagships.

That's a strange move especially as other manufacturers will clearly jump the bandwagon. LG's been using dual cameras for quite a while and Apple joined the club last year. Samsung's got to be really confident in its camera for the S8, if its wants to beat dual cameras. We're eager to hear the company's marketing spin for the feature's lack next month. Perhaps adding two sensors would've driven the bill high even by Korean standards. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest. We'll keep you updated in the meantime.