iMac Pro Gets Unleashed – Becomes Apple’s Most Powerful Mac and Takes Inspiration From 27-Inch iMac

Remember the time when critics thought that Apple had killed the Mac Pro? Well, things are definitely looking different now because the company has unleashed what it claims is the fastest Mac that has ever been made. The tech giant is calling it the iMac Pro and it takes its design inspiration from the powerful 27-inch iMac but features next-generation hardware and will definitely make hardcore users drool.

iMac Pro Comes in a Beautiful Space Gray Chassis – Can Support up to an 18-Core Processor and Raises the Bar for the Mac Pro That Will Be Coming Next Year

For those that were waiting for the Mac Pro, you will need a little more patience as Apple has unveiled just the iMac Pro for now. Even though the system is running inside the inspired 27-inch iMac chassis, Apple claims that it has overhauled the cooling system with a new ‘Dual Centrifugal’ design that’ll increase airflow up to 8x, removing hot air and keeping the system well within thermal boundaries.

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Apple stated that thermal issues were one of the core reasons that it was not able to move forward, but with that problem out of the way, it looks like all of you are graced with the iMac Pro. Coming to the hardware specifications, the new machine will have a base model that will feature an Intel 8-core Xeon processor. This system can be configured up to a 10-core processor, and for those complete ballers out there, there is also an 18-core Xeon processor option available.

It will also be taking advantage of AMD’s Radeon Vega graphics and will feature up to 16GB of VRAM. In short, it can deliver 11 teraflops of computing performance or 22 teraflops with ‘half precision’. The I/O of the iMac Pro is definitely worth drooling over. The machine can support up to 4TB of storage and comes with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports, and built-in 10 gigabit Ethernet.

Apple states that if users were to go and assemble a similar spec’d system, it would cost them $7,000 but the starting price of the iMac Pro is an aggressive $4,999, which will obviously feature the Xeon 8-core processor.

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The new machine will start to ship in December. Will you be placing your order for the most powerful machine that Apple has made to date? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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