IDF 2012: Intel’s 4th Generation Haswell Ultrabook Details Revealed

Hassan Mujtaba

Intel's IDF 2012 is already underway over at San Francisco and we have finally got some key details on the 2013's Ultrabooks which would features the 4th Generation Core processors family "Haswell". 

According to various documents, Intel Haswell Ultrabooks would be split into standard and high end models which would feature variable price range and specifications. For instance, the standard models would be priced around $699 and come with Nine hours of battery life, 720P HD Video chat, WiFi, Wireless display and a multi touchpad.

Consumers would additionally be greeted with a bundled Anti Malware protection suite along with Identity protection technology shipped with the OS. On the storage side, Intel is looking forward to 16GB Nand SSD to these Ultrabooks. The same device would manage 16000 marks in PC Mark Vantage HDD and PC Mark Vantage Video score of 80MB/s.

On OEM sample end, these Ultrabooks would use an HSW 2+3, 2x2GB x32LPDDR3 (1600), 128GB SSD Storage. Each Ultrabook would have an 13" Display supporting 1920x1080 and also an 1080P USB camera. Specific models are said to tone down overall TDP down to 10W from 17W.

Baseline models would have 2x2 GB x 16 DDR3L (1600), storage is 320GB HDD and a 32GB SSD. Resolution of the 13" display would be 1366x768 while camera would support 720P. These Ultrabooks are expected to ship in mid-2013.

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