Id Currently Has No Plans For Quake Champions VR Support, But VR Spectator “Would Be Perfect”


A few months ago, id Software revealed Quake Champions, a competitive arena first person shooter designed for world class e-sports play coming to PC in the future. Not much has been said about the game in the past few weeks, but today more has emerged on potential VR support.

Speaking with Finder, Quake Champions' Creative Director Tim Willits confirmed that VR support is not planned for the game, but if the game eventually got it, it would be Spectator support, which would be perfect for the game.

"Right now, there is nothing on our development schedule about a VR component for Quake Champions, but if we did, I’m thinking Spectator support. I think you will start seeing VR Spectator support in arena multiplayer shooters coming up all over the place. Because it would be perfect! Imagine just sitting up by one of the objective points as players came in and fought while you watched them.

And you wouldn’t have to sit, you could move around as much as you want. I’m telling you, [VR] is all about Spectators. You could push that mode out to a million people, who could be at home, but in the game. Wouldn’t that be awesome? So we don’t know where that fits [in the development schedule], but we know that Spectator VR would be sweet!"

Quake Champions has only been announced for PC, with the team focusing on 120hz gameplay which would make it difficult to deliver the game's experience on consoles. Last month, however, it's been revealed that Quake Champions is not coming to console as of now due to controls.

Quake Champions launches on a yet to be confirmed release date on PC. We will let you know more about the game as soon as possible, so stay tuned for all the latest news.