Husk Trailer Shows us That There’s No Place Like Home


IMGN.PRO and UndeadScout announced today the worldwide release date for their upcoming survival horror game, Husk, coming February 3rd.

Husk is a first-person survival horror game inspired by Alan Wake and Silent Hill. You play Matthew Palmer who wakes up after a train crash with your wife and daughter go missing.

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Here's a list of features in Husk according to their Steam page:

  • Down-to-earth storyline touching problems of violence and alcohol addiction
  • Immersive narration
  • 90's climate with a lot of references
  • Inspired by titles like Silent Hill or Alan Wake
  • Different locations of Shivercliff town and its surroundings
  • Different types of monsters and boss fights
  • Classical survival horror
  • Dedicated soundtrack created by Arkadiusz Reikowski
  • 4-5 hours of gameplay
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4

The creepy trailer shows much of the haunting environments you'll go through while what seems like the main protagonist reveals an unsettling story about his father. It seems like the horror will be based on the character's worst nightmares from his past, growing up with domestic abuse. The trailer ends with your character loading up a revolver. Chances are you'll need to use it in order to find your family.

Łukasz Noculak from UndeadScout talks a bit about the plot of Husk:

We are extremely excited that in less than a month players all over the world will be able to experience our debut game – the result of our cooperation with IMGN.PRO. In our newest trailer, we unveil some secrets about the main plot. Drawing on the elements of oneiric horror, in Husk we strive to touch upon real and often very painful problems. I’d rather not reveal any more details right now –you’ll soon be able to discover them on your own!

Husk is coming to PC on February 3rd.