Huawei Is Reportedly Testing a Way to Get Rid of the Notch Without Using a Pop-up Camera and Increasing Overall Screen Percentage


Having a notch is an integral part of the smartphone in this year. As manufacturers continue releasing devices with high screen-to-body ratios, the incorporation of a notch is necessary to allow the handset to tout a high screen percentage while also being able to house the necessary components in that tiny black space. Huawei is reportedly finding a way to get rid of the notch entirely without introducing a moving part such as a motorised camera, and according to the latest info, the Chinese tech giant might have found a way to obtain this.

Huawei Reportedly Going to Use a Hole Instead of a Notch on Its Future Smartphones Without Compromising the Design

According to information taken from ETNews, Huawei is expected to release a device sporting a screen size of 6.39 inches, and it is going to be released in the fourth quarter of this year. The notch of the phone is expected to be replaced by a hole and this is going to be done to increase the screen-to-body ratio of the device. The hole is going to be surrounded by nothing by the display and will make it look less obnoxious, though we have to say that customers will eventually get used to seeing a notch on their smartphone in less than a week.

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The diagram that you see reveals that the hole is going to be used for the front camera while the rest of the components are going to be placed in the bezel above that hole. However, it is not clear if this is a patent filed by the company or if this is what ETNews expects what Huawei hopes to accomplish with the release of its future smartphones.

In a way, Huawei could be looking to release a more refined version of the Essential Phone PH-1, which sports a minimised notch at the top, which houses the front camera. When partnering with Porsche, it was revealed that the car-manufacturing company refused to incorporate the notch of the Mate RS Porsche Design because it was said that adding the notch would end up compromising the entire design of the phone.

Let us see how quickly we get the device from Huawei.

News Source: ETNews