Huawei Kirin 960 Specifications Include Artemis And 8GB RAM; No Jump To 10nm Expected

As things roll down in 2016, we're starting to see the rumor mill pick up the pace when it comes to upcoming gadgets and hardware. We've been seeing information surface on a variety of fronts so far, showing that there's still a lot left for the year and today its Huawei's turn for the spotlight. The Chinese manufacturer has seen a modest amount of success in the smartphone world and its Nexus 6P launched last year was a well rounded device that offered stiff competition to a lot of smartphones. Today, some information has surfaced about the company's Kirin 960, which peg the processor to be well balanced in terms of performance and connectivity.


Huawei's Kirin 960 Specifications Include 16nm Manufacturing And Cat 12 Integration

With summer approaching, all anyone can talk about in the mobile hardware front is what to expect next year. While we've seen some big launches so far, primarily in the form of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820, next year almost all major manufacturers are expected to make the jump to 10nm. Samsung's already showcased its upgrades for the year and we're expecting Qualcomm to follow suit as well, with some good looking information also having surfaced about the Snapdragon 830.

Now, its Huawei's turn, and if you take a look at the information which has surfaced today straight out of the manufacturer's home country, the company still has some improvements to make. According to sources, the Kirin 960 will be coming with upgrades on several fronts. The most important of these for the processor is Cat. 12 integration, which should improve power consumption quite a bit on the chipset.

Alongside this, you should also expect the Kirin 960 to make the jump to ARM's Artemis and come with eight cores on board; ensuring that most of today's performance intensive needs are met. However, the manufacturing process for the processor is still 16nm, so as the mobile world steadies itself for 10nm next year, the Kirin 960 should stay woefully behind once again.


In addition to the Kirin 960, today's source also makes some claims about MediaTek and the Taiwanese manufacturer's Helio X30. MediaTek's known for its rather unique approach towards chip design as we saw with the deca core Helio X20. Now, according to Pan Jiutang, the manufacturer not only hopes to continue this design for its Helio X30, but the chipset will also be coming with some integral upgrades of its own.

One of these will be the aforementioned jump to 10nm, which should ensure that the chipset remains one the most competitive offerings out there. As Samsung and Qualcomm race each other for the flagship processor crown, its high time for other manufacturers the like of MediaTek to step up their game and today's information suggests a bright future for the company. In addition to 10nm, the chip will also be coming with a similar tri-cluster design as the Helio X20.

The three core sets for the Helio X30 will be ARM's Artemis upgrade combined with A53 and A35. These will be coupled with an improved GPU and support for up to 8GB of RAM. These should make the processor quite an offering for a lot of companies out there, so we're eager to see how the Helio X30 shapes up. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.


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