HTC’s New Screenshot Tool to Bring in Host of New Features


Let's face it, the native screenshot capture took of Android is woefully devoid of features. Outside of capturing a screenshot, there is little you can do other than instantly share it over some applications. This oversight puts the burden of designing a better screenshot capture tool on OEMs, who then have to implement it in their respective Android forks.

One of the most notable and feature-rich screenshot capture tools come with Huawei and Honor devices, in their EMUI fork, which let you capture an entire webpage and allows for on-the-go editing of a screenshot. HTC now joins the elite club of smartphone manufacturers whose devices come with enhanced screenshot features.

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HTC breathes new life into their screenshot tool

HTC released an update for its screenshot capture took, called "HTC screen capture tool." Upon installation, new options pop up at the bottom of the screen while taking a screenshot. The options are Scroll, Partial (for cropping), Edit (for marking up/adding text etc.), Share, and Save. The Scroll feature lets you navigate the screen's content and stop when required. A preview of what the screenshot will look like is also displayed on the screen.


The Partial feature lets you crop your screenshot before saving it. That's all that there is to it. The Edit option lets you add text or draw over the captured image. The text annotation lets you add text to the screenshot and feels a tad broken as it struggles with fitting text in the image properly and line breaks. The Draw tool enables you to pick from a host of options, including a paintbrush, eraser, marker and pen. It even throws in a colour palette to let you fine tune your colour preference.

The new, updated tool is available from the Play Store. It is unclear which HTC devices are compatible with the updated app, but it appears to be working fine on the HTC U11. Do you have any HTC device? Install the app and let us know if it works in the comments below.

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