HTC One A9 Will Be Coming In November, Leaked Image Shows Outstanding Craftsmanship

Omar Sohail

With all the financial trouble that HTC is going through, the Taiwanese firm needs a miracle to save it, or just a really good smartphone. That being said, the company’s One A9 is going to be released during the month of November and unlike the company’s One M9, which sports a Snapdragon 810, the upcoming handset will be running MediaTek’s Helio X20 SoC. At least with the upcoming chipset, we know that smartphone users will not have to go through the overheating mess that they encountered with One M9.

HTC One A9 Will Be Coming In November, Leaked Image Shows Outstanding Craftsmanship

Leaked Images Of HTC One A9 Show That The Handset Is A Feast For The Eyes

Previously, HTC was intending on releasing a Helio X20 variant of its One M9. Now, a source has stated that the handset is going to be referred to as HTC One A9, indicating that the company has changed the branding of its smartphone lineup. As we are well aware of, Helio X20 will easily be able to thwart both Snapdragon 810 and Exynos 7420 primarily because it features two Cortex-A72 cores that are supplemented by eight Cortex-A53 cores.

Coming to the leaked images, HTC One A9 looks absolutely stunning. The smartphone is probably going to feature a screen size of 5.5 inches, since is slightly larger than iPhone 6s Plus. While we have no word as to which resolution will be rendered from the smartphone, but it is possible that HTC incorporates a 1080p display, which is something that we look forward to. 1440p displays are an overkill, and compared to 1080p ones, they consume battery life at an alarming rate

HTC One A9 Will Be Coming In November; Will be able To Overthrow Samsung’s Flagship Family

We are also expecting 4GB of RAM to be present on the HTC One A9, and a 20.7MP IMX240 camera sensor. Keep in mind that this is the same camera sensor present in some models of Galaxy S6, and will provide astounding image and video quality.

According to the source, the price of the product is going to be somewhere in the range 3,000-4,000 Yuan, which is equal to $467.85-$623.71 USD.

We are really hoping that HTC is able to turn its luck around because these leaked images look absolutely stunning.

We will have more details available for you, but at a later time.


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