The HTC Ocean Note Will Be Dubbed As HTC Ultra, Remove 3.5mm Jack & Feature 6″ Display


It's a good day for leaks folks. HTC's Ocean Note has finally decided to let loose on the rumor mill. The device, expected to be the largest of three variants, will be the Taiwanese company's flagship smartphone for the year 2017. It's pegged with a lunch date of Jaunary 12th, according to the latest information. Now, we've also managed to scour some details on how the device will be marketed and corroboration of some earlier leaked features. Take a look below for more.

The HTC Ocean Note Will Be Called The HTC Ultra & Remove The Earphone Jack

The HTC Ocean Note is a regular feature of the rumor mill. While information on the device had been scarce just a month back, now it's surfacing multiple times in a single day. The latest information has some details on how the device will be marketed and what features we should expect from it. It comes the courtesy of legendary leaker Onleaks, so we're hopeful that the information within is accurate.

However, as Steve points out, the source of the information isn't that credible, so we'd advise you to kep a handful of salt nearby. According to the information, the HTC Ocean Note will be marketed under the name of HTC Ultra. It's a suitable name, as the screen size for the device is rumored to stand at 6 inches.