HTC Concept shop officially lands in Pakistan

Rizwan Anwer
Sep 29, 2010


HTC has been in Pakistan unofficially for a very long time, some stores sell HTC phones with very limited warranty or very shady warranty conditions which is a huge discouragement for people who are interested in an HTC, can afford it but are worried about warranty issues arising in the future, because of this people have turned to the iPhone. Which is why the iPhone is a much preferred phone in Pakistan over Android but now that there is an official store in Pakistan which has opened in the Mall of Lahore there is finally hope that Android can rise against the competition of Apple.



The stores name is Brightex and so far they bring with them many old and new HTC phones at very great prices, so far the most expensive phone they have is the HTC Desire which is selling for PKR 47,000 (USD $ 549.59) and they have even released some budget friendly phones such as the HTC Smart which starts at PKR 19,000 (USD $ 222.00) and they even have a great range of mid ranged priced phones as well such as the HTC Hero for PKR 34,300 (USD $ 401.76). So far the store is only open in Lahore but it’s a good start once they expand their operations to Karachi and beyond that’s when the rule of Apple phones in Pakistan might finally come to an end.