HTC 7 Mozart ROM with NoDo update leaks

Naturally when anyone hears the word 'ROM' the only thing that comes to mind is Android. Not this time though. A new ROM for HTC 7 Mozart has been leaked and its rumored to have the much awaited NoDo update. For those who dont know, NoDo update is suppose to bring the copy-paste function to Windows Phone 7 along with application performance improvements. The ROM can be found on the XDA forums where users are reported to have installed it without and problems and it is reported to be working well with all the new features intact. However those looking for some 'additional' perks from Microsoft will be disappointed as the update includes only what Microsoft promised.

With this release it seems the official update for all Windows Phone 7 is nearing its release date and if you are not the one to mess around with your phone, hold off for a few days till the official update arrives.

Source: Mobile Tech World

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