HP Elite x3 Might Not Be Restocked at Windows Stores Until October – Response Was Better Than Expected


We reported earlier how HP Elite x3 was out of stock in US and Canadian Windows Stores, making it quite the surprising entry in the flagship race for a device intended for business owners and other individuals. Unfortunately, the restocking news is far from bright as the improved popularity of the device might force the device to commence being sold from the month of October.

HP Elite x3 Might Start Getting Sold Again From the Month of October – Is the Most Powerful Windows 10 Mobile Smartphone to Date

If you visit the Microsoft Store or HP.com, you will notice that the handset has been listed as ‘out of stock’. At some places, there are no HP Elite x3 units left to sell, while in others, they are in stock but are being refrained from being sold. The reason behind this is because Microsoft and HP have said to be working on a new firmware that will improve the performance of the HP Elite x3 as well as its camera. To make you familiar with the matter, HP Elite x3 features a 16MP rear shooter than can record 4K footage. Unfortunately, no details on the lens aperture have been provided.

According to sources close to the matter, given below are the details provided relating to the availability of the smartphone:

“Just received confirmation at a Virginia Microsoft store that the elite x3 cannot be sold until October 11th. They are waiting for updates to fix camera issues, etc. They have them in stock but cannot sell them, unfortunately.”

For the price of $799.00, you’re finally getting the freebie in the form of a free HP Elite x3 Desk Dock. Truth be told, if I was shelling out of $800 on a smartphone and would just get a phone in return, I’d definitely get angry at the service, but at least you’re getting an accessory that will allow you to run Windows Continuum on it. So what exactly does this Desk Dock do? It allows you to use a mouse and keyboard when connected to a larger display for a better work experience from the smartphone.

To top it all, it possesses a very large 5.96-inch display that emanates a QHD resolution, so in terms of real estate, you’re pretty much covered. HP Elite x3 also provides support for expandable storage, and is able to support a 2TB MicroSD card in its housing.