HP Elite x3 Is Out of Stock in US and Canadian Stores – Surprising for a Windows 10 Mobile Smartphone


HP Elite x3 is definitely the most powerful Windows 10 Mobile powered anyone has come across, but the fact that it’s running Microsoft’s neglected OS means it wouldn’t make much of a sell right? Wrong, turns out that the phablet-sized device is actually doing well, as it has been sold out in both US and Canadian stores.

Both US and Canadian Microsoft Stores Do Not Have HP Elite x3 Stock Available

The smartphone is currently out of stock at US and Canadian Microsoft Stores, which could mean a lot of things from different perspectives. Out of stock could mean that there was limited HP Elite x3 stock right from the start, and perhaps the company didn’t anticipate the popularity of the near 6-inch smartphone to do so well in a market that has Windows 10 Mobile being shriveled at every corner. Additionally, the source states that the smartphone is out of stock at US and Canadian Microsoft Stores, but has made no mention if the unit is available in retail outlets or not.

For the price of $799.00, you’re finally getting the freebie in the form of a free HP Elite x3 Desk Dock. Truth be told, if I was shelling out of $800 on a smartphone and would just get a phone in return, I’d definitely get angry at the service, but at least you’re getting an accessory that will allow you to run Windows Continuum on it.

To bring you up to speed on the hardware specifications of the smartphone, HP Elite x3 possesses a massive 5.96-inch screen size with a QHD resolution and comes with 4GB of RAM. A Snapdragon 820 powers up the smartphone, thus making the handset the most powerful Windows 10 Mobile device on the planet right now. Additionally, there’s 64GB of onboard storage, and if you feel that it’s on the low side, you can increase it at will thanks to the presence of a MicroSD card slot that can accommodate a 2TB storage card. Do you think the smartphone has potential to do well in the future? Tell us your thoughts right away.

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