How to Lock Apple Watch Series 2 Display for Swimming & Eject Water from Speaker

Apple Watch Series 2

Going for a swim with your Apple Watch Series 2? Then here's how you can lock the display to prevent accidental actions and clear water from the speaker as well.

Always Lock Your Apple Watch Series 2's Display Before Taking a Dive into the Pool

With the release of Apple Watch Series 2, the Cupertino company finally added waterproofing to the mix, allowing users to take the wearable for a swim. But that's not all, you can even use the new device to track your swimming sessions as well. But the problem is - whenever water comes in contact with the display, everything goes haywire. That's why Apple baked in a simple little toggle switch into the software, that locks down the display, preventing anything from accidentally happening on the screen. But that's not all, once you are done swimming, you can unlock the display once again, while at the same time, clear the water from the speaker grill. In today's tutorial, we will cover these things.

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1. Assuming you are on your Apple Watch's clock face and ready to take a dive into a swimming pool, simply swipe up on the display to reveal a bunch of toggles.

2. See the toggle that looks like a drop of water? Tap on it to enable.

3. Once enabled, you'll see a blue water drop at the top of the display confirming that the screen is locked. During this time, you can wake the display by using raising your hand or tapping on the screen. But you won't be able to interact with any UI element at all.

In order to unlock the display, first of all wake up the screen, then start turning the Digital Crown in any direction till you see 'Unlocked' written on the screen. You will also hear several beeps in different frequencies as well. This is played so that water is ejected from the speaker.

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During a workout session, you can lock the display too. Once the workout is taking place, just swipe right to reveal a bunch of options. Tap on Lock and you are good to go. This way you can rest assured that water or sweat won't trigger anything on the display that can potentially ruin your workout session.

Simple, wasn't it?

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