How To Enable Stealth Mode Firewall In Mac OS X


Here's a complete step-by-step guide on how you can enable Stealth Mode firewall in Mac OS X.

Mac Security

When you connect your devices to an open wireless network in public, there are chances that an ill-intentioned individual might be working in the background to snoop data out of your connected gadgets. While it's not the case everywhere you might go, but a little protection such as enabling a firewall can go a long way in protecting a lot of personal data stored on your device. But at times, even a simple firewall might not be enough to protect you from an outside attack. If you happen to be in the ownership of a Mac, then you can take things up a notch by enabling Stealth Mode in firewall settings, ensuring that you're well and truly covert when you're out and about.

While Stealth Mode is great and all, but do keep in mind that it will make you completely undiscoverable over a network, which means that your Mac won't respond to any sort of ping whatsoever. Sounds great doesn't it? It sure does, but there's one problem - we wouldn't recommend turning on Stealth Mode while you're on your home network as problems may arise between devices that need to communicate with one another. But if you're out in the public domain, then we prefer you leave the feature turned on, and we'll show you how you can do just that.

Enable Stealth Mode Firewall In Mac OS X

1. Launch System Preferences on your Mac.

2. Now click on 'Security & Privacy.'

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.11.43 PM

3. At the top you should see four tabs. Click on the one that says 'Firewall.'

4. With your firewall enabled on your Mac, click on the 'Firewall Options' button.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.12.10 PM

5. At the bottom you should see an option labelled 'Enable stealth mode.' Click on it to enable. Then click on the 'Ok' button to confirm your changes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.12.14 PM

Like we mentioned before, we highly recommend that you keep this feature turned on especially if you're sitting in a public place connected to an open WiFi network.

It's great to see that such a feature is built right into OS X and can go a long distance in protecting a user's privacy. But do keep one thing in mind - use the feature wisely and do not forget to turn it off when you're connected to your home network.

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