How To Enable And Use Nightstand Mode On Apple Watch


Here's how you can enable and use Nightstand Mode in watchOS 2 running on Apple Watch.


watchOS 2 is packed with a lot of great changes that makes up for a mighty good upgrade. For starters, watchOS 2 brings native apps to the Apple Watch, which means applications load much more faster than before, and they can now be more feature packed as well. Apart from that, there are little bits scattered around the operating system that really make the user experience a worthwhile one. One of those feature is Nightstand Mode, which allows a user to use the Apple Watch as a bedside clock while the wearable is on charge. Today, we'll show you how you can enable and use said feature in a jiffy.

How To Enable And Use Nightstand Mode On Apple Watch

Enable Nightstand Mode

Although Nightstand Mode is enabled by default, but in case you, or someone else, has managed to turn it off, then here's how you can enable it once again, or make sure that it is indeed enabled.

Using Your Apple Watch

1. Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to go back to your home screen where your list of apps live.

2. Now tap on the 'Settings' icon.


3. Tap on the 'General' option.


4. Scroll down a little and you'll see an entry labelled 'Nightstand Mode.' Tap on it.


5. Make sure the 'Nightstand Mode' toggle switch is at the ON position.


Using Your iPhone

1. Launch the Watch app from your iPhone's home screen.

2. Tap on the 'General' entry.


3. Scroll down and you should see an option labelled 'Nightstand Mode.' Make sure the toggle switch next to it is at the 'ON' position.


Using Nightstand Mode

Using Nightstand Mode is a simple case of putting your Apple Watch on charge with the device lying snuggly in the landscape position, with the Digital Crown facing upwards. Refer to the photo below so that you know what we're exactly talking about.


We recommend that you leave your Apple Watch's band closed while in Nightstand Mode as it will give the wearable slightly more balance, depending on the surface you're placing it on.

If you've been looking to buy a bedside clock for yourself but happen to have an Apple Watch with you at hand, then we highly recommend that you update to watchOS 2 right away and use the wearable as a nightstand clock.

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