How to Disable the Notch on the Pixel 3XL (Guide)

Thanks to the flood of leaks surrounding the Pixel 3XL, we already knew that it had an unsightly notched display. And, by the looks of it, Google hasn't made it easy for users to get rid of the notch either. Some devices such as the Poco F1 and Huawei P20 Pro make it fairly easy for users to disable the display notch to make their phone look somewhat normal. Google, on the other hand, has embedded that option deep in the developer settings for reasons best known only to them. So, here is how you go about hiding the display notch on your Pixel 3XL.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings> About Phone. Scroll to the bottom and tap on 'build number' about eight times. Once the on-screen prompt tells you "you are now a developer", enter your device PIN/pattern/password (biometrics will NOT work here).

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Step 2: Navigate back to the Settings menu, scroll down to find Developer Options

Step 3: Look for an option called 'Display Cutout'  and toggle the switch to off.

And now, you have a notch-free Pixel 3XL. All the option really does is switch off the pixels in the notched area, so you are losing some screen real estate. Some of the notification icons, signal strength, WiFi and battery indicator bars will now appear below their original position. If this looks like too much work, there are always third-party apps that will hide the notch for you. The nuclear option would be to not buy a notched phone at all, but those are becoming increasingly rare.

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