How To Convert Videos To GIF Images On Mac

Uzair Ghani

Want to convert videos to GIF images on your Mac? Here's how you can do just that using a simple to operate app for OS X.


While GIF images have existed for a long, long time, but they really exploded in popularity on the Internet a while back when people started to incorporate them in ingenious ways. From social media posts to email, it's easy to understand why GIF images have become so popular - they're expressive and get the point across in an animated fashion, literally.

Converting Videos To GIF Images On A Mac Is Super Easy Using This App

GIF images are easy to come by on the Internet, and there are ton of websites that have put them up for download. But, wouldn't it be great if you could create your very own GIF images using a simple to use app on the Mac? Today's your lucky day, as we're featuring GIF Brewery 3 for OS X, that does exactly what you're thinking right now - convert videos to GIF images in a slick fashion.

From the Mac App Store:

GIF Brewery 3 is a video to GIF creator on Mac OS X. GIF Brewery 3 lets you convert clips from your video files to GIFs. Let GIF Brewery do all the hard work for you!

* Convert clips from your videos into GIFs.
* Can record your screen, web cam, or iOS 8+ devices and opens them ready to be converted to a GIF.
* Resize and crop the video for your GIF.
* Add multiple captions or overlay images to the GIF.
* Create GIFs with your desired FPS or manually set the frame count and frame delay.
* Apply image filters like Color Correction or famous photo filters like Transfer and Noir.
* Save settings for later edits.
* Supports Mac OS X 10.11+.



GIF Brewery 3 screams simplicity and you can get up to speed with the app within minutes, rather than hours. The interface is absolutely clean and easy to understand, and once you open a video in GIF Brewery 3, you can select the portion of it which you want to convert to a GIF, and then export it using a simple click of a button.

The simplicity of the app is not the awesome part about it by any means. For a limited time only, to celebrate the launch of GIF Brewery 3, the developers are giving away the app for a wonder price of FREE. So rather than wasting time on something else, we recommend that you click on this link right here and download the app right away and start creating some amazing GIFs to share!

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