How To Add Phone Dialer To Apple Watch


The Apple Watch doesn't have a phone dialer to dial a phone number, but here's how you can add one simply and easily.

Apple Watch trio

The Apple Watch is a great device when it comes to interacting with notifications and doing something quickly on the fly, such as checking into a location using Swarm. The device even has a built-in microphone and speaker for receiving and making calls. But the phone call experience is somewhat crippled when you come to realize that while you can dial a person from a list of saved contacts, but you cannot dial a new phone number due to the lack of a keypad. In a situation where you'd want to dial a phone number using a proper keypad, then all you need is an app called 'Watch Keypad' which is available to download right now from the App Store.

Watch Keypad Brings A Phone Dialer To The Apple Watch

Watch Keypad will install a proper full-blown phone dialer on your Apple Watch, which you can use normally to dial in a phone number of your choice. This means that even if a person is not saved in your contacts list, you can still dial them up, provided that you remember their number, of course.

One of the best things about Watch Keypad is that it's watchOS 2 ready, and is a completely native app. This means that it launches faster and works like a charm. But do keep in mind that it's a strict requirement to have your Apple Watch paired with your iPhone at all times if you want to make use of Watch Keypad. After all, a cellular network is required to initiate a call, and without that, the app is absolutely redundant.


From the App Store:

Your phone numbers which you have called and/or text will be automatically saved onto your iPhone, and are visible on the iPhone and the Apple Watch when in range with your iPhone.

You can call and text all the recents from within the recents table view.

The app costs just a dollar over at the App Store and we totally believe that it's worth the investment if you want a phone dialer on your Apple Watch. It's also somewhat odd that Apple opted to go against a phone dialer on its wearable device, even with the release of watchOS 2 at hand. But we're certain that the company has its own reasons for doing so.

You can download Watch Keypad from here.