Hover Runs At 1080P@60FPS On PS4 & XB1; WiiU Version Will Have To Be Remade From Scratch

Alessio Palumbo

After speaking with Midgar Studio's Jérémy ZELER-MAURY about Edge of Eternity, I've also had the chance to ask a few questions about Hover: Revolt of Gamers, which is the other game that the studio is working on right now.

Hover is already available on Steam Early Access, but back during the Kickstarter campaign the team also committed to console versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and WiiU. I asked Jeremy how these versions were doing:

They're progressing well. There's absolutely no problem, I've been working on consoles for a long time and the technical part is not really an issue. The most complicated part about releasing on consoles is complying with the requirements of the manufacturers and right now I cannot say how much time it will take after the PC version, but by using Unity we know that compatibility won't be a problem.

In terms of frame rate and resolution target, he was confident that both versions could reach 1080P@60FPS since the game is less demanding than Edge of Eternity (where he actually had some concerns regarding the Xbox One version). However, the WiiU version is another story entirely.

The WiiU version of Hover is the most complicated thing and will be done after the console releases on PS4 and XB1. It will require us to recreate the game from scratch in terms of graphics. We're using Physically Based Rendering and other rendering technologies that don't really run well on WiiU. Also, we promised during the Kickstarter campaign that we would tune the gameplay properly, we don't want to do a cheap port, so it will take some time.

About the PC version of the game, we asked if they planned to support DirectX 12 once Unity allowed it, and that's their reply:

Why not? But Hover is less demanding than Edge of Eternity, so it's less important for this game.

Check back soon to read our full interview on Hover: Revolt of Gamers.

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