HOT DEAL: LIFX A19 HomeKit Compatible RGB Smart Bulb Down to $41, 4-Pack for $137


The LIFX A19 RGB smart bulb is down to just $41 (original price: $60) whereas the 4-pack can be had for just $137 (original price: $200).

Get into the HomeKit Action with the LIFX A19 Smart Bulbs at an Insanely Discounted Price

Though the smart bulb space is extremely saturated, but there are only a couple of leaders in this space that matter the most: Philips and LIFX. The latter has a ton of advantages over the former as it does not require a hub to function as every bulb connects straight to your WiFi router. Other than that, they are fully HomeKit compatible, which means you can ask Siri to change the color, set the brightness or even automate stuff for you if you like. But that's not all, since we are dealing with 'smarts' here, therefore the LIFX A19 works with Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa. All the bases are well covered and this is a perfect place to spice things up.

There is a ton of stuff which the LIFX A19 can pull off. It can cycle through 16 million colors, including tones of white. It's bright too as well as energy efficient, capable of pushing out 1100 lumens once set at 100% brightness. This, and more, can be yours for just $41 per bulb. But that's not all, if you go for a 4-pack of the LIFX A19, then you grab that too for an insanely low price of just $137. The 4-pack alone goes for $200 without a discount on any other regular day. Hit the links below to start your smart home journey!

Buy LIFX A19 Bulb (1 bulb) [Amazon link]
Buy LIFX A19 (4-pack) [Amazon link]