HOT DEAL ALERT: Samsung Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand with Wall Adapter Down to Just $39 from $70

Uzair Ghani
Wireless Charging Stand

Samsung's latest fast wireless charging stand is down to just $39 from $70. It's compatible with a wide range of devices including the latest Galaxy S9 and the iPhone.

Amazon's Drops the Price of Samsung's 2018 Fast Wireless Charging Stand to Just $39

Though there are many fast wireless charging stands out there, but if it has a brand like Samsung's name slapped on it then the entire deal sounds way too good. Once you throw in a discount on top, things just go through the roof.

With that being said, Samsung's latest and greatest wireless charging stand that hit shelves in February of this year can now be yours for an amazingly low price of just $39. The original retail price of this accessory alone is $70. Not convinced? Well, since this is a fast charger therefore it will it will juice up your Samsung Galaxy device at full speed and is fully compatible with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X too. That's not all though, it's available in two colors - black and white - and ships with a fast charger inside the box so you do not have to supply your own. Of course, the design of this charger is something you just can't be ashamed of at all.

This is a limited time deal and will end soon. Hit the link below and grab this bad boy up!

Buy Samsung Qi Wireless Fast Charger 2018 Model [Amazon link]

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