HOT DEAL ALERT: Brand New 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, 4G LTE, Fully Unlocked for $309 [Original Price $499]

Galaxy S6 edge

Despite its age, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge holds a class of its own in 2018. You can pick one up for a massive discount today.

BRAND NEW Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Down to Just $309 for a Limited Time - Original Price Set at $499

Even today, the Galaxy S6 Edge is no slouch. It's the first ever smartphone from Samsung whose display melts on both sides instead of one, giving you a wonderful immersive experience while looking at photos or videos. That panel is Super AMOLED, which means that blacks will look absolutely amazing while everything else looks crazy vibrant.

Behind the phone is a beautiful glass finish that makes room for wireless charging while also housing a fantastic 16-megapixel camera that is able to shoot absolutely stunning photos and videos. This particular model on sale comes with 3GB of RAM onboard as well as 32GB of internal storage. Though some might classify it as 'not being enough,' but it should get you through the day if you require a smartphone for absolutely basic tasks and light photography.

The model on sale also comes with LTE, ensuring that you get the fastest cellular speeds where needed as long as your carrier supports them. Also, this is not a refurbished phone, and is absolutely brand new. Now that discount feels like a big deal all of a sudden, doesn't it?

Head over to the link below and grab the Galaxy S6 Edge for just $309. Just make sure you enter the promo code during checkout otherwise you'll be charged full price.

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