Homefront The Revolution PS4 Early Impressions Reveal Technical Issues, Unsatisfying Gameplay

Homefront The Revolution

Homefront The Revolution, the first person shooter developed by Dambuster Studios, is only one of the many titles releasing in the next few days, but many seem to have forgotten about the game, as publisher Deep Silver hasn't been promoting the game heavily. It seems like, however, there's a reason behind the publisher's actions, as some early Homefront The Revolution impression paint a rather bad picture.

NeoGAF user Fezan has recently managed to acquire an early PlayStation 4 copy of the game, and has recently shared his impressions after playing it for around two hours. Things are far from being good, as Fezan confirmed the PS4 version of the game has a lot of technical issues such as screen tearing, bad performance, which results in a sluggish feel, crashes and other issues. Things aren't better in the actual gameplay: Homefront The Revolution features a big world influenced by recent Far Cry titles, but it doesn't seem the experience will be all that satisfying, as movements feels odd and shooting unsatisfying.

  • The graphics are underwhelming. Its not bad technically but artistically it also looks bland.
  • There are technical issues like screen tearing and fps drops. I am not sure if its fps drops or frame pacing issues but the game feels sluggish. Beside that the game crashed once and have other issues like items stucking in geometry etc. Please note that there maybe a day one patch. It wasn't up for me yet.
  • Movement feels odd and shooting is not satisfying.
  • AI is also not good.
  • The world feels huge. You can see Farcry influences every where
  • In the start the game does feel like guerilla warfare. You have limited resources and have weak weapons compared to enemy.

Judging from these impressions, it seems like the game sill suffers from issues that many noted after playing the game's recent beta. Some of these issues can be fixed with a patch, so things might be slightly better following the game's official release.

Homefront The Revolution launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week in all regions.

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