Highest Rated iPhone X Cases, Lightning Cables, Wireless Chargers & Screen Protectors – List

Highest Rated

Here's a list of the highest rated iPhone X cases, Lightning cables, wireless chargers and screen protectors you can buy today.

Grab the Highest Rated Accessories for Your iPhone X and Live a Trouble-Free Life.

Sometimes, a product might stumble across our doorstep that screams quality but does not end up doing as advertised. Therefore it's best to go for products or accessories that are highly rated regardless of their brand or might behind them. So, with that in mind, we are going to list down  the top three highest rated accessories for iPhone X available on Amazon right now for each category, which includes cases, Lightning cables, wireless chargers and screen protectors.

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iPhone X Cases.

All these cases might not suit everyone's needs, but they are the highest rated on Amazon, at the time of writing.

BUOCEANS iPhone X Case - Price $13.99.

With over 700+ reviews on Amazon, it seems as though this one is a huge favorite of the masses. Not only it looks 'tactical' but also offers an adequate amount of protection too.

Tocol iPhone X Case - Price $8.99.

Surprisingly, this highly rated and regarded case is a flip cover as well as a wallet for your cards and passes. It even doubles up as a kickstand for your iPhone X if the need arises.

MASCHERI iPhone X Case - Price $11.99.

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Though this one bears a resemblance to a specific Spigen case, but make no mistake, this accessory will protect your iPhone X from drops and everyday use.

iPhone X Lightning Cables.

All of these Lightning cables are highest rated and are MFi certified too.

Anker PowerLine II Lightning - Price $12.99.

There was no doubt that this cable would turn out to be one of the highest rated on Amazon. Not only it's MFi certified, but goes a mile further when it comes to durability too.

originAIM Lightning Cable 2-Pack - Price $9.99.

We just can't wrap our heads around the fact that this is a 2-pack for just 10 bucks.

Anker Lightning Cable - Price $6.49.

It's not a coincidence that there are two Anker Lightning cables in this list. This one's pure vanilla and gets the job done.

iPhone X Wireless Chargers.

All of these wireless chargers are Qi compatible and will work with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well.

HappyHomey Wireless Charger - Price $19.99.

It's a plain and simple wireless charger that gets the job done and people love it on Amazon too. The best things in life are usually the simplest.

Yieserra Wireless Charger - Price $26.99.

This one's a charging stand rather than the usual charging mat. Also, it is advertised as a 'fast charger.'

Samsung Wireless Charger - Price $24.97.

With over 9,000 reviews and praised by many, this one is a favorite of the masses. It even includes a 2A wall charger in its price.

iPhone X Screen Protectors.

All the listed options are tempered glass.

MAXFEND iPhone X Screen Protector 3-Pack - Price $12.99.

A simple tempered glass screen protector with lifetime of warranty and comes in a 3-pack. Basically, you are well covered here.

Marvotek iPhone X Screen Protector 2-Pack - Price $9.99.

More or less like the MAXFEND listed above, but it seems as though this particular one is harder on the surface.

WINWONBRA iPhone X Screen Protector 3-Pack - Price $7.85.

It's pretty obvious that this screen protector's biggest appeal is its price tag and the fact that it comes in a 3-pack.

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