Here’s Why You Should / Should Not Download iOS 11 Today

Uzair Ghani

Looking for reasons why you should or should not download iOS 11 today? We have several of them.

iOS 11 Will Be Available for Download Today - But is it a Good Idea to Install it Today? Yes & No.

The first release of a major software update is never greeted with much enthusiasm by a few people. Whereas some might even make up reasons to install the software straight away. But today, we'll make things simple for you.

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iOS 11 is due for release in a short while from now, and we'll list down the reasons why you should or should not install it today. If you're interested, you can check out our full iOS 11 review here too.

Why You Should.

  • Bragging rights.
  • It's loaded with a lot of security patches and fixes.
  • A refined user-interface.
  • iOS 11 offers the same battery life as iOS 10.3.3, which is the latest release of iOS 10 we will ever get to see, and that's great news.
  • iOS 11 patches quite a few bugs that might be present in iOS 10.x.
  • A brand new Control Center that will surely make your 'toggle' experience way better than before.
  • iOS 11 lets you record the display by a simple tap of a button.
  • Added support for HEVC and HEIF means you can shoot videos or photos in the maximum available resolution for half the size compared to JPEG or H264.
  • Performance-wise it's stable enough.
  • Massive improvements on the iPad including an awesome new multitasking switcher.
  • Augmented reality and ARKit apps.

Why You Should Not.

  • Performance related issues on older hardware.
  • Might be buggy in certain places due to first release of the software but things will be patched over time.
  • Battery life might not be the same as before on older devices such as iPhone 5s or iPhone 6.
  • HEVC and HEIF formats are not available on older devices. If you were planning to update just to save space using the new formats then you're out of luck.
  • Your favorite 32-bit apps won't work with iOS 11 until or unless they're updated to support 64-bit architecture.

If you have other reasons, then be sure to let us know about it in the comments section below. In the meantime, you check download and install iOS 11 as well since it is now available to download.

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