Here’s How Apple HomePod Software Updates Will be Delivered to Users


In case you were wondering how software updates will be delivered to the HomePod, you can set your curiosity aside now.

Software Updates Will be Delivered to HomePod Over the Air via the Home App on iPhone

Apple's smart speaker, the HomePod, runs a special version of iOS under the hood to keep things nice and ticking. And obviously, just like other smart speakers out there, like the Google Home, software updates will be pushed to Apple's device in order to keep everything up to date. But how exactly will software be delivered to the HomePod? 9to5Mac did some digging and it turns out that software updates will be delivered in the same manner as how they are to the Apple Watch via the Watch app, but in this case, everything will happen from the Home app instead, over the air.

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Software updates for HomePod will be managed through the Home app. The app will alert users when a new software update is available and will show an interface similar to the one used for iOS updates. Users will have the option to enable automatic updates, although it’s unclear how those will be managed. Updates can be installed on a single HomePod, all HomePods in the home or to specific stereo pairs (stereo pairing will not be available on HomePods running different software versions).

It is also believed that HomePod updates will have certain requirements too if you want everything to be up to date. Here's more about it:

HomePod will likely be updated in the same way watchOS updates do via the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, and will likely have the same update requirements (e.g. HomePod version 11.3 can’t be installed if iPhone is still on iOS 11.2.5).

The first deliveries of the HomePod are expected to arrive on the 9th of February, which is just over a week away from now. When the first devices start to reach homes, we're certain that more details about the speaker will start to emerge. Until then, we have these little nuggets to keep the hype going.