Looking At The Top; Samsung Reported To Add In-House Modem In Exynos Series

Ramish Zafar

With smartphone market share and popularity tumbling, Korean manufacturer seems bent on vigorous expansion. The electronics giant is now being reported to add its own modem to the company's Exzynos series of chipsets, that currently power several of Samsung devices.

Samsung-introduces-the-Exynos-7-OctaSamsung To Now Manufacture The Modem For Its Exynos Series As Well; Watch Out Qualcomm

In an attempt to further improve its own chipsets, news out of Korea is suggesting that Samsung will now add modem manufacturing for its Exynos chipsets to its portfolio as well. A successful, well performing in-house chipset for its devices will end up decreasing Samsung's reliance on third-party manufacturers such as Qualcomm. Samsung is also likely to be launching its latest upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S6 with the Exynos 7420,  rather than the Snapdragon 810. The 810, Qualcomm's finest is expected to feature in nearly all Android flagships this year, and has made some appearances already. LG launched its G Flex 2 smartphone with the chipset this year.

Should the Galaxy S6 cover all ends, performance included, a separate focus on processors could help Samsung add more features on its devices and improve user functionality in the long run. A solid performing Exynos chipset for top flagships will help reduce the industry's reliance on only one source for their silicon. As has been the case over the last couple of days, things will become more clearer in a matter of weeks when the Galaxy S6 becomes available for public scrutiny. Samsung's flagship device for this year is said to include many changes on board such as a metal uni body and an entirely new variant with a tri-edged screen. Stay tuned, we'll update you as this develops.

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