Haswell Refresh SKU Lineup and Price List Finally Appears Online – i7-4790 to retail for $327

The much awaited (or not so much as the case may be) Haswell Refresh SKU Price List has finally appeared online. The SKUS are currently non-K only with the rest following suite soon after. The 'k' series will also come later so those of us who are overclockers will have to wait a bit longer.

Intel Haswell Refresh Pre-Order Price List Appears on Online Retailer - Starting from 47.5$ all the way upto $326.48

Without any further ado here is the price list which appeared on ShopBLT. Thanks to CPUWorld for the great spot.

Preorder_prices_of_Haswell-R_desktop_CPUs (1)We have about 10 SKUs here, 10 out of the 20 SKUS queued up for the Haswell Refresh. 2 from Celeron, 2 from Pentium and 6 our usually Core i3, i5 and i7s. here is what we know so far:

  • Basically the first batch of processors will include about 20 SKUs including the Core i7-4790 and 4790S, Core i5-4690, 4590, 4460, 4590S, 4460S,  Core i3-4360, 4150T,  Pentium G3450 and Celeron G1840. Needless to say the 4790 will be the i7 Flagship and the 4690 will be the i5 Flagship. 10 of these are now available for Pre-Order
  • Haswell Refresh Nomenclature will be Haswell Nomenclature +0020 ie i5 4570′s refresh will be i5 4590.
  • Most of the SKUs wil get a clock upgrade of 100 Mhz.
  • The H97/Z97 motherboards will ship in April.
  • The ‘K’ Series Unlocked processors will come somewhere around third quarter;
  • Followed by Haswell-E which will also ship in that same approximate time frame. This will be the High End Platform to succeed Ivy Bridge-E
  • In the third quarter part of the i5 and i3 Lineup of Ivy Bridge will be discontinued and desisted.
  • X99 Chipset “Wellsburg” will come in the Third Quarter


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