Happy New Year Sale 2022: Windows And MS Office At The Cheapest Price For $7.50

Abdullah Saad

Note: All these keys are permenant, legal versions. The low price of these keys is due to the fact that they are usually sold with a PC. This resale practice has been legalized by the European Court of Justice.

The new year has come, and New Year promotions are already a promotional holiday that major businesses pay attention to. So you are not more than worried that you will feel sad because you missed the Christmas sale, Godeal24.com will still provide you with the cheapest price and high-quality products. The new year means that everything is a new beginning. Do you want to replace your computer with a new system and new office software? A smooth system and powerful office software is also a very good choice. Taking advantage of Godeal24's New Year promotion, start with a set of software that you have been fascinated by, and welcome the new year to work smoothly.

Seems like only yesterday that Godeal24.com was wrapping up its Christmas Sale... because it was only yesterday. Yes, as one sale closes, another one opens — there's a New Year sale live now on Godeal24.com with discounts on a whole bunch of Windows Series and MS Office Series (including things like Windows 11, Windows 10, MS Office 2021, MS Office 2019, and more). You just need to pay the lowest price and get the latest Windows OS and MS Office. There are some In addition, there are discounts of up to 50% on Windows OS and huge discounts on other software.

Get Windows OS for only $7.50

Both Windows 11 and Windows 10 have high popularity. Windows 10 is still a cost-effective choice, and the ultra-low price can still meet the needs of daily use. As the latest version of Windows 11, there are still many new features to explore.

 Buy Office 2021 for only $30.98, which saves you $409.01.

In this New Year’s sale, you can get MS Office 2021 for only $30.98 instead of $439.99, saving $409.01. MS Office 2019 and MS Office 2016 are also available at very low prices.

 Windows OS and MS Office, both want to have

On Godeal24.com, you can get MS Office and its bundle keys with Windows OS at lower price around $24.74~$45.65 , MS Office & Operating System Bundle (Higher discounts with coupon code "SGO62"

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 Up to 50% off on Windows! With coupon code "SGO50"

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 More Versions: All for your works and online study with coupon code "SGO62"

 Tools for your Computer

Besides, you can also find more computer tools to improve your productivity here.

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