Halo 5 Forge Gets Higher FOV, Frame Rate Enhancements With Unofficial Fix


Halo 5 Forge has finally been released on PC last week, marking the glorious comeback of the Halo series to the platform. While the port is very well done, there are some features that PC players expect out of games that are still missing, and some players have taken it upon themselves to offer an unofficial fix.

The latest Halo 5 Forge unofficial fixes allow players to increase FOV beyond the console settings, as well as increase framerate up to 120 FPS for a smoother experience. Both fixes require Cheat Engine, so try them at your own risk.

Altering your FOV

Fire up Halo 5 Forge.

Open cheat engine and open the halo5forge.exe process.

Click 'add address manually' bottom right.

halo5forge.exe+58ECF90 in the box and change it to type float.

Double click the value bit in the address at the bottom.

Change it from 78 to whatever fov you want.

Congratulations you have set your FOV to higher then a console fov.


Enabling 120FPS


Have your FPS ingame set to 60.

How to Achieve

Add these 3 8-byte addresses to Cheat Engine.

halo5forge.exe+34B8C50 halo5forge.exe+34B8C60 halo5forge.exe+34B8C70

Change them all to 8333. The reason you're changing this to 8333 because the game divides the FPS you want by 1000000 (i.e. 1000000/120 = 8333.33333_) to get the value you are poking.

Halo 5 Forge comes with some additional features that are not available on the Xbox One version of Halo 5, such as mouse/keyboard support, an updated and optimized UI greared towards mouse interactions and more. With such improvements, creating maps has never been smoother.

Halo 5 Forge is now available in all regions on PC. The game requires the latest Windows 10 Anniversary update to run.