Half Life Alyx Silent Hills PT Mod Makes Kojima’s Highly-rated ‘Playable Teaser’ Playable for PC Players Once Again

Half Life Alyx Silent Hills PT Mod

Now, this is something special – a Half Life Alyx Silent Hills PT mod that recreates the brilliant horror teaser from Hideo Kojima in the world of Alyx.

P.T. was originally released exclusively for PlayStation 4 as a teaser for the canceled Silent Hills game from Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. The teaser has been very well received among critics and some consider the teaser to be the greatest horror game ever released. Unfortunately, P.T. was removed from the official PlayStation Store following the cancellation of Silent Hills. Interestingly enough, the PlayStation page for the game still exists.

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Over the years, several fan remakes and mods have been released, including the now-removed Unreal Engine 4 remake for PC, Unreal PT.

The freshly-released Half Life Alyx Silent Hills PT Mod currently features the original game’s looping corridor, the radio ambiance, the talking paper bag, and much more.

As mentioned by mod creator ‘AmbientDruth’, he intends to refine the textures, implement longer hallways, add more triggers, and various other additions.

Those interested can download the mod through here. Of course, you will need to have the full version of Half Life Alyx in order to be able to play this mod. We’ve included some screenshots to get you hyped down below:

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