Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 ‘Vesuvius-Like’ AIO Liquid Cooled Reference Edition from ASETEK Spotted

I received a pretty interesting email from ASETEK today, which revealed a new reference edition for OEMs (and consumers) housing an AIO water cooler. The GPU features a closed loop water cooling solution that looks like a derivative of, and inspired by, the AMD Vesuvius GPU.Sycom Geforce GTX 980 Water Cooled OEM

Closed-Loop Liquid Cooled Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Reference Edition

It is very interesting to see how the AMD Radeon R9 295X2 has acted like a trend setter for out-of-the-box water cooled solutions; for AIBs and now OEMs. This particular GTX 980 variant features an ASETEK water cooler with hybrid cooling. The GPU itself is cooled via liquid while other components such as the VRM are cooled by the  air. The trademark water-block-look of most open-looped water cooled GPUs is not present here and the AMD Vesuvius GPU comes to mind when you take a look at this reference edition.

The cooler in question is the ASETEK  740GN and the shroud is aesthetically cut at the top to allow the pipes to exit the body. Currently in Japan the OEM Sycom will be the first to supply the water cooled GTX 980's in multiple configurations. Such a card will be ideal for overclocking since liquid cooling will undoubtedly yield you better clocks than the best air cooled custom variant on the market. The overclocking potential of Maxwell is pretty impressive and if you want the most out of your buck, and you probably do considering you bought a high end GPU, then this is a pretty beginner-friendly choice. Ofcourse, there is no replacement for a hand made water cooling solution with water blocks, but this should do just fine too.

The email was in Japanese, so unfortunately I don't have any other specifics at this point. I don't have the factory clocks either, although with a water cooled GPU like this, factory clocks should be pretty high or completely irrelevant due to OC.

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