GTX 780 Ti Full Specifications Confirmed – Nvidia Unleashes Full GK110 [Updated]

Usman Pirzada

You may remember we were the first English website to leak the GTX 780 Ti specs and many competing websites dismissed it as a fake. Guess what ? that was spot on. We have just received confirmation from multiple sources that the GTX 780 Ti is indeed based on the 2880:240:48 configuration.

Leaked Specs Confirmed - Nvidia's GTX 780 Ti is a beast - Full Power of the GK110 Finally Unleashed

The values in the brackets show a possible future version. Without further ado the final specifications of the new Nvidia flagship GTX 780 Ti.

  • Fab: 28nm
  • Stream Processors: 2880
  • Texture Units: 240
  • ROP: 48
  • Memory: 1752 Mhz [7008 Effective]
  • Core Freq: 876 Mhz (902)
  • Boost Core Freq: 928 Mhz (1033)
  • Memory Bus: 384 Bit
  • 336 GB/S
  • 3GB (6GB)
  • TDP : 250W

Wow, we are super excited. The GTX 780 Ti is an absolute powerhouse. And whats more you can expect a future Ghz Version and a 6GB Version( a seriously good buy if you plan on going 4k). The GK110 core had never been fully utilized in the past and ever since its cut down versions debuted there were rumors of a fully unleashed Gk110 aka Titan Ultra. We absolutely cannot wait to get our hands on benchmarks (when they leak you know where to find them).

177_2013110111414530Q97.pngTechPowerUps updated GPUDB Page Via

Our friends over at Videocardz also state that the GTX 780 Ti is DX 11.2 although our sources didn't mention the same, this is almost certainly true. You can expect the TDP to be in between 250W - 300W. The GTX 780 Ti will utilize an 8 + 6 Pin connector and will debut for $699.


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