GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks Leaked – Blows the R9 290X out of the Water, Suffers a bit at 4k [Updated]

Usman Pirzada

Remember when we said that you know where to find the GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks when they leaked? well here's us keeping our word. Ladies and gentlemen, you saw it here first, the much anticipated GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks in all their glory.

Overclocked GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks Here

Nvidia GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks Leak - Shows Green's Flagship Leading* with Quite a Margin

Update: These Benches were performed on Unofficial Drivers. Expect performance to increase with official drivers.

The source of the leaks is the highly reliable Chinese forums Chiphell. Without any further ado the Benchmarks of the the GTX 780 Ti vs the R9 290x and the high end spectrum of cards.

GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks 1 The first benchmark shows the GTX 780 Ti coming second in place to the Dual GPU card GTX 690. However the 780 Ti's  standing is above the R9 290X and the GTX Titan.

Benchmarks 1The Second benchmark is the Unigine Valley Benchmark tested at various resolutions including 4k. Dual GPU 690 is ahead of the 780 Ti. Interestingly even though the GTX 780 Ti has 1 GB Less memory than the R9 290X it still leads the 4k chart with quite a margin.GTX 780 TiThis particular benchmark is of Alien Vs Predator 3 and the GTX 780 Ti is leading once again (ignoring 690). However this time the R9 290X leads in the 4K department.GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks 1Once again we see the GTX 780 Ti dominating the charts in all resolutions except 4k where its limited 3GB memory is coming into effect, putting it equivalent to the R9 290X.GTX 780 Ti Benchmarks 2In Bioshock infinite the GTX 690 and GTX 780 Ti as usual dominate the chart and in 4K resolution the R9 290X performs slightly less than the GTX 780 Ti.

So basically as expected the GTX 780 Ti dominates* its way to the top of the single GPU leader boards, did you notice the star? good. Sadly we saw an almost crippling effect of its low memory pool, its quite clear that at 4K resolution, where Nvidia's New Titan took a slight beating, 3GB of memory just wont cut it. It is for this reason alone that we suggest that if you are indeed investing in a GTX 780 Ti, wait for the 6GB or the alleged 12GB version. Infact we would suggest you to ignore the 4k results altogather since the bottleneck is too great.

It also makes us wonder what Nvidia is thinking with a 3GB 780 Ti. Simply put you don't need a 780 Ti for resolutions less than 4K and 3GB wont cut it at 4K, so where does that leave the first variant of the 780 Ti? We were also expecting a benchmark of Crysis 3, because if any game can bring these behemoths down to their knees its that one.


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