GTA V Most Expensive Video Game in History – Budget More than High Budget Hollywood Films


Thats right, we all knew GTA V was special, this just goes to show how much. GTA V is the single most expensive video game in the history of the same. Its budget is even more then Hollywood Movies, second only to the highest Budget Film ever made. Lets take a look at them.

GTA V Most Expensive Video Game Vs. AAA Games

Lets begin by quoting the Budget of GTA V. This is a figure that is not readily available so we will take a quote from the most authentic source we could find, according to which its 265 Million Dollars.  From there on it is an easy matter to compare the budget of GTA V to those of the rest of the game Industry.

GTA V Most Expensive GameWe can see that GTA V is in a league of its own with the only game anywhere near it GTA IV with a budget of 100 Million Dollars. Top AA Titles like Crysis 3, Halo 3, Gran Tourismo 5, and Final Fantasy Series have budget of around 60 - 85 Million Dollars. The Cheapest is the cost of one Half Life Episode - 12 Million Dollars. The Average Game Budget is supposed to be 24 Million Dollar. So GTA V Most Expensive game in video game history? Definitely. You could have 20 Half Life Episodes in GTA V's Budget.

GTA V Most Expensive Video Game Vs. High Budget Hollywood Films

If you are thinking it would be unfair to compare  a Games budget to a High End Movie Budget you couldnt be more wrong. In fact if GTA V would have been a movie it would be the Second Highest Budgeted Film in the History of Film. Thats right GTA V Most Expensive Video Game beats every Hollywood budget ever set with the exception of Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
GTA V Most Expensive Video GameAs you can clearly see no High Budget Film has a higher budget then GTA V. Yes, Not Even Avatar. The only exception to the rule being Pirates. The folks over at Rockstar games put a pretty big investment in GTA V to say the least making GTA V the single Most Expensive Video Game in Gaming History. And the thing is the are probably going to get repaid multifold.