[Update] GTA V PC – PC Requirements Unveiled

Update: These were rumored PC requirements and Rockstar has unveiled the official PC requirements, to check out the official requirements please follow the link - URL.

Earlier when the news for GTA 5 PC surfaced, it was revealed that the game was running at 60 fps and that the Max Payne 3 team was responsible for the development of the PC version of the game. Furthermore Rockstar Games was asked about the PC requirements of the game and it was said that the game was not yet complete and the requirements will be revealed once the game is finalized and passes the testing phase.

"We're presently in the final stages of development on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V and hope to have confirmed official system requirements to share soon here at the News-wire, please stay tuned for that to be announced in the coming week. Thank you and we're very excited to bring GTA V to the PC gaming community!"

GTA V Minimum PC Requirements Quite Low from Expectations

The reason for high graphic requirement has been attributed to the complex and defined texture models with high resolutions and shading system (not used in the console version but added into the PC version) of the game. Apart from that, the requirements are quiet routine with a minimum of a Dual Core clocked at 2.7 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and a free hard disk space of 20 GB and 64 bit versions of either windows 7 or versions of 8 as 32 bit don't support enough RAM.

Rockstar itself hasn't officially confirmed these requirements so for now I'll mark these as a rumor and if confirmed, we'll also bring you up to date with the latest of the confirmed requirements. The PC version of the game launches officially on the 27th of January and a Happy New Year to all the readers.

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