GTA Online Rocks Most Player Count Ever in an Online Game – No Wonder Server Problems Exist

Usman Pirzada

We are all aware of how much problem the GTA Online servers are having days after launch, players have also been quick to blame them for not preparing for the gamer avalanche. Well, thing is people,we did some digging around and apparently GTA Online holds the record for the Highest Recorded Player Count ever and unlike other Online games whose load develops over time, GTA Online's full load developed within a day.

GTA Online Has The Largest Player Count Ever Recorded in Gaming Industry in So Short A Timespan

Well GTA Online is infact currently the Online Game with the highest player count. The Current Estimation of the GTA Online Players is around 15  Millions (At Launch). No wonder the servers are crashing. Whats more, most online games have had years to establish server and infrastructure, GTA Online had 1 Days.

Most Online Games Have Years to Develop Their Infrastructure, GTA Online Went in Blind .

This is the other main problem. In an online game, Player Count increases gradually over time. As the strain increases the developers upgrade the hardware and backend in sync. Problem is GTA Online went in completely blind. Absolutely Blind. They had no idea how many buyers of the GTA V would come online the first day, they could guess sure, but overestimate and take a loss, underestimate and complete server blackout.

  • World Of Warcraft Had 9 Years.
  • Eve Online Had 10 Years.
  • Dota 2 Had Around 3 Years.
  • League of Legend Had Around 5 Years.
  • GTA Online Had 1 Day.

See the difference? its mind blowing. Consider it a miracle that even after 15 Million People (At Launch) simultaneously  signing in at Launch didnt cause a complete outage. It would take them some time to deal with the massive influx of players in so short a time. If they are willing to invest, the problems should be solved in about a week or so - enough time to update backend hardware to an optimum level.


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