GTA Online Content Creation tool leaks – Coming soon to GTA Online.

Usman Pirzada

There haven't been much news regarding GTA V lately since everything has been said and done, but just recently, a prototype content creation tool for GTA Online was leaked and along with it, images of the same.

GTA Content Creation tool Coming Soon - Images Leaked

From the leaked images we can see content creation features  such as changing tracks, limiting the number of players and towers or vehicles available in races as well as placement spawn points and weapons on the cards to death match settings. Without further ado the screens:

GTA Online Content Creatino Tool
GTA Online Content Creatino Tool

We have not seen control over the terrain although that could just be a simple fact that the leaker (?) has no time or did not go into that. However we doubt that terrain control would be included. Even without environmental control Gta online content creation tool gives players unbelievable freedom and sandbox capabilities. You can plan races, pick spawn points and weapon drops and other tons of stuff. Not only that the best part of Sandbox-ing is the retarded stuff. From what we can see you can put a fleet of cars on the roof of buildings, which any sane-gamer would do asap. Whats GTA without driving a vehicle of the roof right? Anyways here's a video of the GTA Online Content Creation Tool  too.

So there it is the leaked video and the images. All of them look pretty fun especially considering that this GTA Online where you would be playing with other human beings. It would be absolutely epic if you could go into the content editor on the fly. Imagine dropping a Super Car on a player that is annoying you or warping in weapons and ammo mid-fight. Wow.


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