Green Riding Hood is Apple’s Free App of the Week – $2.99 Value


Apple has revealed its Free App of the Week, and the honor goes to a wonderful little title called Green Riding Hood.

Download Green Riding Hood Absolutely FREE for a Limited Period of Time

There are a very few games on the App Store that get the art of storytelling right. There's no point in squeezing in a solid storyline while the user just sits there with his eyes rolling all over the place. Green Riding Hood checks all the boxes when it comes to a good story, but goes further by offering brilliant characters, excellent graphics, fun mini games and more.

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Recasting Grandma as an herbal tea-sipping yoga teacher is just one of the fun ways this gorgeous storybook encourages kids to develop healthy habits. (You’ll love Bobaka’s take on the big, not-so-bad Wolf, too.) We’re having a ball exploring each interactive page, and the app’s tasty vegetarian recipes make great projects for the whole family.

The title is a spinoff of the famous Little Red Riding Hood, except no one gets eaten at all. Instead, it's loaded with fun and entertainment for your child, with things topped off with a brilliant voice over by Alistair Findlay. Basically, if you were looking for an excellent little game for your kid to play, then look no further than this one at all.

Green Riding Hood is compatible to work with both iPhone and iPad, and requires iOS 7 to be installed at least on your device. I'm certain you have the latter already sorted out though. If you have, then just tap on the link below to go straight to the download link. Remember, the game is free for an extremely limited period of time. As soon as next Thursday, the title will return to its original price tag. Therefore do not miss this golden opportunity to bag up this wonderful little title.

There are hundreds of thousands of brilliant apps on the App Store that are waiting to be discovered. It's great to see Apple highlighting the premium titles and bringing them straight to users, that too for free. Let's just hope this trend continues and gets better with the passage of time.