Great Paid iOS Apps & Games Available for Free Today – List


Here's a list of some great iOS apps and games which you can download for free today on your iPhone or iPad.

The Weekend is Here And So is Your Fix of Free iOS Apps - Download them All

Like any other list of free apps we've covered before, we'll put out the obvious disclaimer. Make sure these apps and games are free to download in your region before going ahead with the download. Not every piece of software is free everywhere, so don't be surprised if you see a price tag next to it in the App Store. If you do, then move on to the next app.

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STAR CAT Adventure - Regular price $0.99

Crashed and lost in space, Star Cat wishes to see his family again and return home. At the cusp of giving up, a glimmer of hope appears and a light descends to help.

Follow the Star as it leads you through a fantastic adventure unlike any other!

Download STAR CAT Adventure for iOS

Beat Stomper - Regular price $1.99

Music, Neon light, Geometry.
Jump, Hold , Stomp.
The perfect combination of pure joy.
It is born for you, and you are born for it.

What are you waiting for?

Download Beat Stomper for iOS

Defense of Fortune 2 - Regular price $0.99

As you can see the title, Defense of Fortune 2 is one of defense genre games. Previous work Defense of Fortune was focus on wall defense, but Defense of Fortune 2 deals with both offense and defense and struggles for ownerships of total 41 castles in Fortune continent.

Download Defense of Fortune 2 for iOS

Superhero Crime Fighter Rescue - Regular price $1.99

This crime fighter rescue is all about a superhero that is going to save the humanity from the wild animals. They are going to eat the city people. So you can call it a rescue pet war too. There are many action heroes around but no one is taking the charge of this flight thrills. Be the part of this superhero game and enjoy the whole thrill and enjoyment of saving someone.

Download Superhero Crime Fighter Rescue for iOS

City Parkour Simulator - Regular price $2.99

Welcome, runner, to a parkour tournament! Dash through gauntlet, performing tricks and stunts to beat your rivals and become a parkour champion. Freerun tricks will help you survive in parkour reality-show and out run rivals. Run for your life, tournament will have only one champion runner in City Parkour Simulator. Let the tournament begin!

Download City Parkour Simulator for iOS

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Euro Farm Simulator - Regular price $1.99

Play in new farming simulator we made for you - that time about cows!
Breed big nice cows in your farm! The simulator allows you to deep into farming and develop your own cow farm. Learn how to drive all types of vehicles and breed cows. Be a good master for your cows and they will give you the best milk in the city! Also take care of your machines and fill your vehicles if they need. Choose tutorial or career missions and start working on your own farm right now!

Download Euro Farm Simulator for iOS

Army Truck Driver Simulator - Regular price $1.99

Drive like a professional army truck driver with our offroad simulator, forget about good roads. Jump to the cabin of military truck, drive fast to be in time and don't hit army truck, driver. Try your offroad army truck and complete all military orders in the driver simulator.

Download Army Truck Driver Simulator for iOS

Runtastic Push Ups PRO - Regular price $1.99

Want to push yourself to do 100 push-ups? That’s ambitious, but we’re convinced you can do it! The Runtastic Push-Ups app is the ideal companion as it turns your iPhone/iPad into your PERSONAL TRAINER. Use the app to strengthen your muscles anytime, anywhere. This classic strength move doesn’t require a gym membership or equipment. Do your body some good and let Runtastic help you live a healthier, fitter life. A scientifically developed training plan guides you towards your goal, always keeping your personal fitness level in mind. Plus, no need to count your reps: The proximity sensor in your iPhone/iPad reliably counts all your push-ups.

Download Runtastic Push Ups PRO for iOS

Lists To Do - Regular price $0.99

This is a simple yet nice to do app. It allows the user to create new tasks, sort them by using drag and drop gestures, delete them by swiping over them and even set them as completed by double tapping them.

Download Lists To Do for iOS

Notepad Paper - Regular price $0.99

Notepad Paper is the perfect mobile app for simple and quick notetaking on your iPhone and iPad.

Download Notepad Paper for iOS

Handmade Pixel Art - Regular price $0.99

You can draw pixel art right in your App.Make Pixel Art is designed specifically for pixel artists, with tools that make it easy to create pixel art masterpieces. Start drawing now!

Download Handmade Pixel Art for iOS