Great Audio Deal: Truly Wireless Earphones for Just $23.99 [40% Instant Savings]

Don't want to spend a ton of money on truly wireless earphones? Then today's deal is going to blow your socks off.

Grab a Pair of Truly Wireless Earbuds for a Price of Just $23.99, Down from $39.99

Step into the audio market and you'll be surprised to learn how many wireless options exist right now. From Bluetooth speakers to truly wireless earbuds, there's something in there for everyone. Sure, there is a low-priced-yet-decent category available to those who crave the best but don't want to bust their wallet, while a top-tier category exists for those who don't want any sort of compromise.

If you're looking for something in between then today's deal by MJYun might be something you should consider. Sure, it's a Chinese brand you might not have heard about, but the promises it's making for such a low price are actually quite intriguing. For example, these earbuds feature noise cancelling tech, meaning that they will block out the sounds around you thanks to their perfect fit. But that's not all, the technical mumbo jumbo also lists down Bluetooth 4.2 for a stable connection, dynamic stereo sound along with a built-in 500mAh battery in the storage case so you can listen more and charge less.


One thing that really caught our attention was the fact that the charging case is charged using a USB-C cable instead of the outdated micro USB. That is a big deal. If you have a smartphone which has USB-C then you don't have to carry a special cable just to power up these earbuds.

If you have doubts whether these earbuds will break down soon, then you'll be pleased to know that they come with a 12-month warranty. In case things go south, the company has you covered. A big thumbs up here.

Click on the link below and grab the deal today. Just don't forget to use the discount code M5JX3NZ9 at checkout.

Buy: MJYun Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds [Amazon link]

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