Great Amazon Echo Spot Deal: Buy 2 and Get $40 Off

Uzair Ghani
Echo Spot

Amazon has a great deal on the Echo Spot that gives you a $40 discount at checkout if you buy two pieces together.

Buy 2 Echo Spots and Save $40 from Amazon - Perfect Smart Home Expansion Gateway

At this point in time, Amazon Alexa comes in all shapes in sizes. Amazon managed to squeeze its smart assistant in pretty much everything you can imagine, even car chargers. The usefulness of Alexa is undeniable too. From controlling your smart home appliances to summoning an Uber ride, the possibilities are endless.

if you are more into the visual form of Alexa then you may be interested in the Echo Spot from Amazon. It's first-party hardware which means that it has more support that anything else out there and of course, it looks cool too thanks to its wonderful round, 2.5-inch color display.

It costs $129 if you buy it alone, and the price drops down $40 if you buy two together. But the big question is: what can the Echo Spot do and why do I need it? Well, for starters, it has a display and a front facing camera. This means that you can get a visual outline of everything, such as your calendar, photos, weather, you name it. The camera can be used to make video calls and more. Since it has Alexa, you can take control of your smart home in a snap as mentioned above. But that's not all, you can use it as a smart speaker too so you can listen to music or even catch up on shows straight from Prime.

Get the deal directly from Amazon today.

Buy Amazon Echo Spot [Amazon link]

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