Grand Theft Auto V PS5/XSX Will Get a Physical Release Later This Month

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Grand Theft Auto V launched on next-gen consoles last month, but those looking to pick up a boxed version of the game for Xbox Series X/S or PS5 were out of luck – for now, the game is only available as a digital download. Well, it seems that’s soon about to change.

According to Rockstar’s official website, physical versions of GTA V for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S go on sale later this month, with pre-orders being available now. That said, you may want to hold back for now – the boxed next-gen version of GTA V is being sold for the full $40, while it’s only $20 on the Microsoft Store and a mere $10 on the PlayStation Store (the latter deal is only available to those browsing the store via their PS5). So yeah, if you really want a boxed version of GTA V for PS5 or XSX, perhaps wait a while, as it will likely also be discounted before too soon.

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The next-gen console version of GTA V has been met with somewhat mixed reviews. While the visual upgrade is solid, performance isn’t quite what it could be (particularly on Xbox). Here’s a rundown from a previous Wccftech article on the matter

The PS5 and Xbox Series X offer identical visual modes – Fidelity gives you native 4K, ray tracing, and 30fps, Performance offers native 1440p at 60fps, and RT Performance offers dynamic 1440p, ray tracing, and 60fps. Based on the analysis above, it seems PS5 holds pretty much rock solid in all modes, with only small 1 or 2 frame dips in Performance mode when things get crazy. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X really seems to struggle in RT Performance mode, dropping all the way down to the 30 to 40fps range, and Performance mode dips to the low 50s. Things are even worse on Xbox Series S, which offers only two modes – Fidelity (1440p at 30fps) and Performance (1080p at 60fps). Fidelity mode does not consistently hold 30fps, dropping into the mid-20s, and Performance seems to hover pretty consistently in the 40fps range once things heat up.

Grand Theft Auto V is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5. You’ll be able to buy a physical copy of the game on PS5 and XSX on April 12.

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