Gran Turismo Sport Concept Art Possibly Leaked; Shows Cars; Trakc


Gran Turismo Sport concept art might have been leaked from Polyphony Digital's annual  Christmas party at their Japan office.

Gran Turismo Sport

Website GTPlanet reports that GT art decorated the walls around the Christmas tree at Polyphony's office. Following the party, the art was allegedly posted to social media via Super GT drivers Kohei Hirate and Satoshi Motoyama, and Toyota’s Masashi Honda.

Check out the concept art from Polyphony's annual Christmas party down below.

According GTPlanet, there's a discussion whether the art is indeed concept art from Polyphony's upcoming Gran Turismo Sport for the PS4. Although the art appears to be entirely new, some argue that images are too high quality, and perhaps too high quality to be the real thing.

Gran Turismo Sport for the PS4

As can be seen in the image showing the art hanging on the wall around the Christmas tree though, a GT logo is displayed at the top right corner of the prints. So for now, take the art with a grain of salt until they are confirmed to be taken from Polyphony's upcoming PS4 racer. For now, the art does indeed look striking.

Gran Turismo Sport was announced during Sony's press briefing at the Paris Games Week this year. Sony showing off an announcement trailer for the title, which can be seen below.


The multi award winning Gran Turismo series is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4...introducing GT Sport.

Building on its legacy as the most realistic and accessible driving simulator, GT Sport has partnered with the FIA to push the boundaries of racing games. In addition to everything you'd expect from a GT, the team at Polyphony and the FIA are introducing an online racing series that will be recognized alongside real world motor racing by the FIA.

That Gran Turismo SPORT will feature highly evolved graphics and sound quality, not to mention a totally revamped physics engine, should come as no surprise. The true beauty of Gran Turismo SPORT goes much deeper, as it will forever change the way driving games are seen. It will redefine the very definition of “gaming” and “motorsports.”

Beta testing for GT Sport will begin early 2016.