Google’s Group Sharing App ‘Spaces’ Is Official, Launching Today On iOS And Android


Google has been playing around with apps a lot. In the past week, the company has released its first keyboard app for iPhone, which it has not even released on the Play Store yet and a dedicated I/O 2016 app for its iOS attendees. It seems Google is stretching its hands on the whole app business. Today, Google has announced another big incoming, Spaces, a group sharing app that lets you create a completely individual space for each topic.

Google To Launch Group Sharing App 'Spaces' Later Today

Google's group sharing app, Spaces is now official and it will soon hit iOS and Android app stores along with the web. Spaces is rolling out today, but you can't download it right now. As the app's name suggest, a person will be able to create a space for about anything in general. It is a platform that will make sharing content a lot easier in a space so relevant discussions can be made.

Spaces 2

In other words, Google has collected all of its major apps and put it inside a single app. So rather than jumping from one app to the other to look for specific content, you will be able to search everything from within a single app. To be precise, you can use Google Search, YouTube and Chrome from within the Spaces app. The functionality resembles that of the company's Gboard app for iPhone in which you can make any kind of Google search from within the keyboard.

Spaces 3

You will have the option available to create a space for any topic, whether it is somewhat of a general interest or a professional project. Once you have created a space in the Spaces app, you will be asked to make your friends join your space. This will in fact mean that your friends must have another Google messaging app to join.

Google will be looking forward to show the working of the app later this week at its I/O event. Other than this, it seems that Google will throw in quite a handful of surprises as well. Google recommends attendees that they should have Spaces installed on their devices before they arrive. If you're interested, keep your hopes high and fingers crossed for the arrival of Spaces.

This is it for now, folks. What do you think about the app? Are you anxious to create your own space in the app? Let us know in the comments.